Prom Dresses for 2010 Around the World

Published: 25th August 2010
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What could be more appealing than to wear an ever-gorgeous dress for the most awaited night of the whole school year? I know you have been preparing for that special one night since the classes started. You want to look unique and be the apple of the crowd. And surely you can do that by the help of your fashion statement. Your prom dress for 2010 will definitely bring you to the spotlight.

One very bright idea to get the attention of the whole school is to dress yourself of 2010 prom dresses from around the world. Isn’t that unique or what? We all know that each country usually have its own special style and design, and it would matter brilliantly if you would choose to adopt one of them for the prom. You will surely feel distinctive from everyone else and truly feel beautiful.

Let me give you some options of what is trendy from different parts of the world and go take your pick:

• American prom dress. What could be more popular around the world than the planet Hollywood? Just take a sneak look at their dresses and you will see at sexy and lustrous styles with very inventive unique designs. American prom dresses are usually sophisticated while keeping the idea that teens are supposed to look teens.

• British prom dress. Inspired by the monarchial look, British prom dresses are commonly in balloon style, princess cut, long gowns, and strapless. They elaborate their dresses with ornament and jewel accessories to add more accent. Favorite colors among these are royal blue, olive green and fuchsia pink.

• Spanish prom dress. Just look at a flamenco dancer and you will see the trend of a Spanish prom dress—lacy, hot, and charismatic. You will surely get the passion of the crowd when your prom dress for 2010 is inspired with this sexy aura. Colors red and black are surely the best for these dresses.

• Indian prom dress. Mingle and dance along while wearing Indian inspired long gowns with natural bright colors, smooth flowing silk and a dress with a slit. Add some body paint on your arms and hands for a truly Indian effect.

• Chinese prom dress. If you want to look classic and charming, try fitting Chinese prom dresses. These are very compatible for a slim body because they are usually body-hugging that shows of your figure. Usual colors for these dresses are gold and red. Wear some accessories and do your hair up to add to a night of good luck.

• Korean prom dress. Looking fresh and young—that is the usual fashion concept of Korean 2010 dresses for prom. They are usually short dresses with garnish styles and light colors. Artistic nails and curly hairs also go along with it. You will look totally cute and cool during the night.

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